Awards nominations now being accepted!

The OAEA 2016/17 AWARDS

  • Recognize excellence in visual and media art education in the province of Ontario
  • Focus professional attention on and increase public awareness of quality art education, exemplary art educators and the importance of quality art education
  • Set standards for quality art education and show how they can be achieved
  • Provide tangible recognition of achievement, earn respect of colleagues, and enhance professional opportunities for OAEA members

And the categories are:

OAEA Elementary Art Educator of the Year

    Excellence in art teaching at the K-8 level

    Leadership in and/or contributions to art education in their school, board or community

    OAEA Membership

OAEA Secondary Art Educator of the Year

    Excellence in art teaching at the 9-12 level

    Leadership in and/or contributions to art education in their school,   board or community

    OAEA Membership

OAEA Post-Secondary Art Educator of the Year

    Excellence in teaching visual arts in a post-secondary setting

    Leadership in and/or contributions to art education in their institution, organization or community

    OAEA Membership

OAEA Community Art Educator of the Year

    Excellence in teaching visual arts in a museum or community setting

    Leadership in and/or contributions to art education in their institution, organization or community

    OAEA Membership

Timelines: Award applications must be submitted by Feb. 24, 2017. The names of the award recipients will be announced on the OAEA website. A presentation ceremony will be held at OISE/UT on Friday, April 21, 2017, in the evening.

Who May Nominate: Anyone who is not a member of the Award’s Committee may nominate.

Eligibility to be Nominated: OAEA members who meet the criteria above and who are actively teaching in the year of their nomination. Board and Award Committee members are not eligible

Nomination Format: Nominators should write a letter to OAEA outlining why the person nominated is deserving of recognition. In addition, nominators should send a CV of the nominee.

 Award Selection: Nominations and supporting documentation are submitted to the OAEA Awards Committee who will review each application and present recipients’ documentation to the Executive for final approval. The Awards Committee reserves the right to withhold awards in any category in any given year if suitable candidates cannot be identified.

Definition of Excellence in Art Education

Excellence in Art Education is seen in an educator or teacher who creates a culture supportive of art education in her/his school, organization and community in some of the following ways as they: provide multiple opportunities for artistic expression and learning across the curriculum before, during and after school hours; advocate, show passion for, and encourage the pursuit of the arts throughout learners’ lives; introduce new artistic material, techniques, experiences and ideas to learners, thereby enriching their knowledge of the world around them; bring their learners together with professional artists to work collaboratively; seek opportunities for students to perform or display their creativity for their peers, families and communities; become involved in the artistic community outside of the school/organization and give her/his students an opportunity to participate in the culture at large.


 Please submit your nominations to


Conference 2017: Call for Presenters

Social Artistry: Art for Change
April 21-22, 2017, spring conference

As a Visual Arts or Media Arts educator, you are invited to submit a workshop proposal for Social Artistry: Art for Change to the Ontario Art Education Association’s 2017 Conference.

The conference will be at The OISE/University of Toronto Library on Friday, April 21st, 2017, and at a TDSB Secondary School on Saturday, April 22nd, 2017.

An educator who practices Social Artistry is a change agent. You believe in preparing your students for the future. You relate to the relevant: the political, economical, environmental, and social problems within society and communities both locally and globally. You are an activist. You tackle issues of equity, and you question the current status quo of the modern “western” world. You use inquiry, experiential, place-based, participatory, or project-based learning to engage your students as they respond to the world around them through visual and media arts.

If you are interested in presenting an innovative workshop at OAEA’s 2017 conference, please complete the form below and submit it electronically or via mail to the conference organizers, by the due date listed below.

This year’s conference keynote speaker and presenter is Olivia Gude. She is an endowed professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has been named the Angela Paterakis Professor of Art Education and a Professor Emerita at the University of Illinois at Chicago. In recent years, Gude has united her work as a community artist and art educator by creating participatory spaces in which teachers investigate and re-invent the social practice of art education. Gude is not new to Toronto; She has presented workshops through the OISE AQ program (2004) and OAEA (2013).


You may need to download the form, fill it in and send it to our conference co-chair Bob Phillips. Details for submission are in the form.

Congratulations to our award winners!

Congratulations to Beryl Cohen who received the 2016 Ronita deBlois Canadian Art Educator of the Year (K-8) from The Canadian Society for Education through Art.

Beryl is Co-President of OAEA where she has served on the board for a number of years. She has applied for, written, edited, and overseen Ministry curriculum writing projects, as well as co-chaired OAEA conferences. She has presented at OAEA and other conferences, including several school boards in Northern Ontario.

Beryl was a founding teacher at TDSB’s, Karen Kain School of the Arts (KKSA) where she created an award-winning art program. Pieces of her environmental artwork are installed within the garden at KKSA. In 2010, her school community and ETT recognized her as an Environmental Educator, and in 2014, she received the W. A. Townshend Award for Education from The University of Western Ontario for her M.Ed.

Beryl is a passionate art educator and additional qualifications instructor at OISE/UT. She has hosted numerous teacher candidates, insuring that they get a solid grounding in curriculum, classroom management, and assessment and evaluation.

Beryl has worked with the Canadian Canoe Museum where she co-curated a 2016 summer show of her student’s model canoes. In 2016, Beryl embarks upon a new role as an Instructional Learning Coach with the TDSB. She will be acknowledged for her work at the annual CSEA/SCEA conference on Oct. 22, 2016 in Victoria B.C.


Congratulations to Tim Kamino for his Ontario Provincial Affiliate award (2016), through the Canadian Society for Education through Art (CSEA/SCEA).

Tim has been a leading arts advocate at both the Provincial and Toronto District School Board level.  He has served as Vice-President with OAEA, written curriculum for the Ministry of Education and has co-chaired several OAEA conferences, and awards ceremonies. As a TDSB administrator, Tim established the Contact Photography show in conjunction with the AGO. He successfully applied for and received funding from a number of organizations, ensuring that all elementary students within Etobicoke would have an opportunity to show their artwork. Tim established a positive and creative work environment at OISE was where he demonstrated his passion for Art Education as an instructor in the additional qualifications program. His passion for teaching has extended beyond Ontario, as for the past number of years he has been a guest lecturer in Japan. He has also hosted a number of Japanese teachers on exchange programs where he has explained our educational system. Tim approaches all that he does with grace, humility and professionalism. He has collaborated with one of his sons in a performance piece and is a practicing artist. He will be acknowledged for his contributions to Ontario Art Education at the annual CSEA/SCEA conference on Oct. 22, 2016 in Victoria B.C.