Ray Blackwell Award Winner

OAEA has awarded the Ray Blackwell Award for Excellence in Art Education to

Vanessa Barnett.

This award honours an art educator for their career achievements Art Education.


The Awards will be given out on April 21 at OISE during the evening event that begins the OAEA conference.


OAEA believes that each of our award winners has demonstrated the following in their practice-

Excellence in art education is seen in an educator or teacher who creates a culture supportive of art education in their school, organization and community in some of the following ways:

o provides multiple opportunities for artistic expression and learning across the curriculum before, during and after school hours

o advocates, shows passion for, and encourages the pursuit of the arts throughout learners’ lives

o introduces new artistic material, techniques, experiences and ideas to learners, thereby enriching their knowledge of the world around them

o brings their learners together with professional artists to work collaboratively

o seeks opportunities for students to perform or display their creativity for their peers, families and communities

o becomes involved in the artistic community outside of the school/organization and gives their students an opportunity to participate in the culture at large.