Aims & Goals of OAEA


OAEA provides leadership and advocacy for the development and support of visual arts/media arts in education in Ontario.

OAEA provides leadership in the development and support of visual arts and media arts education in the province of Ontario. Visual arts and media arts, as defined by OAEA, include traditional fine arts such as drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture; communication and graphic design arts including typography, illustration, and product design; photo-media such as photography, film, and video; craft areas such as ceramics, fibers, jewelry, glass and wood; architecture and environmental arts including urban, interior, and landscape design; theatre design and fashion; new media art forms including digital imaging, web site design, sound art; and hybrid art forms such as performance art and installations. In some jurisdictions, many of the above digital art forms or media-based works are referred to as media arts.

Act as a forum of communication and information exchange for visual arts and media arts educators in the province of Ontario; Promote and implement policies, practices and services for OAEA’s membership.

Contribute to the ongoing review of theory and practice in visual arts and media arts education, and be a force in shaping educational policy in these areas.

Enhance learning standards through professional development such as conferences, local workshops and seminars, research and publications.

Liaise and partner with other education and interest groups, and vigorously support learning through the visual arts, both within and beyond Ontario.

Encourage the growth of both formal and casual public interest groups that advocate for visual arts/media arts.

To promote quality art education in schools and their communities across Ontario.

To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas among those involved in visual arts/media arts education.

To provide leadership and advocacy for visual arts/media arts in education.

To provide professional learning opportunities and the advancement of knowledge to those involved in visual arts/media arts education.

To cooperate and collaborate with existing arts agencies and education organizations.

Our Constitution

Our constitution outlines our commitment to professionalism in every regard. Within the constitution you will find information regarding members commitments (also seen in the terms of service during the registration process) as well as the roles and responsibilities for our members of the board.

Click here for a downloadable version of our constitution in PDF format: Constitution .