Financial Literacy 2014 – Grade 9

This grade 9 Career Pathways in Art: Planning For Your Future unit assists students in realizing the range of possible careers available to them with a post-secondary education in the Visual Arts. Through the examination of the skills required to succeed in the arts, learning about financial literacy and the arts terminology, budgeting for post-secondary education, résumé and portfolio building as they relate to employment in the Visual Arts, students will gain practical financial literacy knowledge which will allow them to plan for the future.

Connections to Financial Literacy
Learning Goals
Files & Resources

Connections to Financial Literacy:

Knowledge of skills developed in the study of Visual Arts that are applicable to a variety of careers;

Understand the variety of post-secondary routes associated with different career paths;
Planning for the future through budgeting for post-secondary education, as well as resume building.

Students will know, understand and/or be able to:

Articulate how skills acquired in Visual Arts, like creative problem-solving skills, can be valuable in a number of professions, both in and out of the art community.
Understand the post-secondary pathways required for a chosen career in. or related to, the arts. Budget for post-secondary education.
Demonstrate their knowledge of career and volunteer opportunities available to youth looking for relevant experience on their résumés.


Educator’s Guide: Career Pathways in Art

BLM #01: Careers Requiring Art
BLM #02: Exit Slip – Careers of Interest
BLM #03: Exploring Art Careers
BLM #04: Presentation Assessment Rubric
BLM #05: Portfolio Checklist
BLM #06: Collaborative Community Artwork Proposal
BLM #07: Resume Template
BLM #08: Resume Assessment
BLM #09: Terminology for Teacher
BLM #10: Community Art Financial Plan
BLM #11: Careers in Art Poster

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